A year in snapshots: an overview of UNESCO achievements and impact

23 December 2020

The new edition of 'UNESCO Snapshots', presents concrete stories from the field and UNESCO staff across the globe.

- Setting up a Global Education Coalition to counter the worst educational disruption in history.
- Issuing a global call for Open Science, international cooperation and universal access to scientific knowledge, which have proven essential to the scientific communitys response against COVID-19.
- Promoting international campaigns, new research and online debates to foster freedom of information and to combat false or misleading information about COVID-19.
- Creating the Culture & COVID-19: Impact and Response Tracker to regularly update on the consequences of the pandemic on culture and the measures countries have taken in response.
- Making steady progress with the flagship initiative Revive the Spirit of Mosul for the recovery of one of Iraqs most historically significant cities, and launching an international campaign for Beiruts educational and cultural reconstruction;
- Rallying international celebrity advocates to unite against racism and discrimination.
- Developing the first international standard-setting instrument on the ethics of artificial intelligence.

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