Call for Applications: Communication Consultant

30 July 2020

UNESCO Almaty Office is seeking a communication consultant

UNESCO Almaty Office is seeking a consultant to develop and implement an internal and external communication strategy with the objective of increasing visibility and promoting awareness of UNESCO Almaty Office initiatives, projects, and other activities in Central Asia. The proposed strategy should also offer concrete recommendations on how to mobilize resources and build new partnerships to fund UNESCO Almatys projects and initiatives.

Under the overall authority of the Director of UNESCO Office in Almaty, direct supervision of the Social and Human Sciences Sector and support from Communication Assistant in the Culture sector, the Contractor shall complete the following assignments:
a. Develop and implement a communication strategy aimed at increasing awareness of UNESCO programs in Central Asia;
b. Prepare a one-year 2020-2021 detailed communication strategy and plan and a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework in Russian and English languages;
c. Prepare a detailed budget for communication strategy and plan.

Scope of Work
The consultant will carry out the following:
a. Propose methodologies to be reviewed and approved by Program Officers before finalization
b. Review available data and conduct a thorough assessment of existing internal and external communication processes at UNESCO Almaty;
c. Identify key stakeholders and target audiences and outline appropriate lines of communication with them (regional and local government; general public; commercial and noncommercial partners);
d. Identify key messages and other communication objectives for each targeted audience (stakeholder mapping);
e. Identify relevant media (online/traditional/social) to effectively communicate key messages to specific stakeholders;
f. Develop tone and style recommendations for all UNESCO Almaty communications.
g. Prepare drafts of communication strategy and plan to be reviewed and approved by Program Officers

Duration and Logistics
The tasks are to be carried out over a period of two months between September-October 2020.
The Consultant will undertake the assignment remotely and conduct all meetings and communication online.

Upon successful completion of duties and responsibilities, the Consultant will provide the following deliverables to UNESCO Almaty in English and Russian languages in PDF format:

a. By 15 September 2020 Detailed summary and review of existing data and internal and external office communications at UNESCO Almaty;
b. By 30 October 2020 Detailed internal and external one-year-long communication strategy and plan (including M&E) for UNESCO Almaty Office.

a. 5 years of work experience in communications, public advocacy, marketing, PR or other relevant fields at international, regional or local level
b. Prior experience in developing successful communication strategies and plans, preferably for international organizations (experience in the UN system is desirable, but not required)
c. Knowledge and understanding of Central Asia and UNESCO program areas
d. Excellent oral and written communication skills in Russian and English

How to Apply
Please send your CV and proposal (500 words max) on how you plan to execute the tasks outlined above to no later than 18.00 on Monday, August 10.

Proposals should include: 1) a description of the proposed methodology to be used; 2) professional fees for your consulting services (in USD); 3) a short summary of similar assignments undertaken previously.

CVs must be provided in English language and include your contact details (mobile, email).

All documents must be submitted in PDF format and have the following titles: Lastname.CV, Lastname.Proposal.


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