Call for Volunteers to Become a Part of UNESCO's Project on Empowerment of Rural Youth in Kazakhstan

30 March 2020

The UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office is looking for volunteers who will be trainers in five functional areas and will improve the knowledge and skills of young people in remote and rural areas of Kazakhstan.

The number of youth in Kazakhstan exceeds 4 million. According to statistics, in early 2018, 56.5% of young people lived in urban areas and 43.5% in rural areas. As a result, the high proportion of rural youth in Kazakhstan also indicates the need to ensure that both groups have equal access to quality education, science, culture and social life to avoid discrimination, marginalization and radicalization.

Despite the effort, there is sufficient evidence today to show that there is a significant difference in the development potential of young people from rural areas, which can be explained by: lower level of education, lack of development skills and abilities to succeed urbanization and access to urban labour market, lack of textbooks for self-study in the mother tongue (usually Kazakh), and limited opportunities for rural teachers to improve their skills and knowledge outside of general education programmes. All this has led to severe imbalances between and unequal socio-economic opportunities between the two groups. According to national and international estimates, rural youth are more than six months behind urban youth due to lack of training.

Therefore, in the light of these issues, the UNESCO Almaty Office with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is implementing a programme to develop the skills and key capabilities of youth in Kazakhstan, with a focus on young people in remote and rural areas.

As a part of this program, UNESCO consultants developed a training manuals kit in five areas:
Global citizenship education;
Education on ecology and biodiversity within the framework of the Man and the Biosphere programme;
Youth for cultural heritage;
The foundation of youth entrepreneurship and project planning;
Media and information literacy, with a focus on digital literacy and related competencies;

The next step in project implementation will be the integration of teaching aids into the informal education process.

The key concept of the training program is to create a team of young volunteers in five areas based on the developed modules. Based on the successful completion of the training , volunteer trainers will be able to conduct the same trainings independently for young girls and boys aged 16 to 25 in remote and rural areas.

To implement the project, UNESCO Almaty Office will provide technical and financial support to volunteer trainers from different regions of the country. Funds will be allocated for preparing training materials, rental of premises, office supplies, transportation costs and meals for participants.

Young people can participate in the project, provided that:
23 - 35 years old;
Experienced in volunteer and teaching activities;
Fluent in Kazakh and / or Russian language;
Have good communication skills and hope to bring positive changes in their communities.

To participate, you must fill out an application form by May 10, 2020.

Interviews with candidates will be held from May 11 to May 15, 2020.

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