Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan Education Forum Executive Committee Meeting

2 December 2002

Executive Committee permanent organ, consisting of five Deputy Ministers of education from the five Republics, EFA National Coordinators, representatives of civil society, non-governmental, research organizations in the host country and donor organizations. Meetings of the Executive Committee will be held twice a year. The Executive Committee chairmanship will rotate on an annual basis among Deputy Ministers of education of each country.

The first Executive Committee meeting took place in December 2002. The second meeting was held in June 2003. During these meetings country updates were given, Technical Working Groups established and newsletters printed.
At the first Executive Committee meeting, the issues examined were the establishment of the TWGs; the progress of the National Plans of Action (NPAs); access to education, especially with regard to girls education, adult education, and ECD; education quality; health; preventive education; and measuring outcomes. The Committee identified the host for the next Forum, the date of the next Executive Committee meeting, and issues for further study.
At the second Executive Committee meeting, the agenda for the 2nd Forum was approved and the Resolution drafted. Each country coordinator reported on the progress of NPA development and implementation.

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