Central Asian Seminar on Journalism Education

1 August 2022

The Third Central Asian Seminar on Journalism Education was held at Arabayev University in Bishkek. The seminar commemorated the 30th anniversary of the accession of Central Asian countries to the United Nations.

The seminar focused on digital empowerment, open educational resources and visualisation tools in Central Asian universities in teaching journalism, based on the UNESCO Data Journalism Education Project and the Central Asian Platform for Journalism Education.

It is attended by professors, doctoral and master journalism students, journalists from Central Asian countries, as well as representatives of international organisations.

Participants shared their views on the role of journalism in the democratic process of countries in the region, their vision of institutional capacities, and the impact of emerging technologies.

Kyrgyz National University about the workshop

Teachers of the Faculty of Journalism, headed by Dean Shirin Kostyuk, participate in the Third Central Asian Seminar on Journalism Education

KTRK: Central Asian workshop for journalists

Kyrgyz Public Service Broadcasting Corporation about the workshop

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