Central Asian Symposium on ICT in Education starts in Almaty

6 October 2022

On October 6-7, Almaty is hosting the Central Asian Symposium on ICT in Education (CASIE). This year's theme is ICT-enabled Skills Development in Rural and Remote Areas.

Participants will discuss policies and practices that address the urgent need in rural and remote areas for inclusive and quality education and skills development from a lifelong learning perspective. Participating Member States will draft and present brief action plans for how ICT-enabled education can support the learning recovery and transformation of education for learners in rural and remote areas.

Since 2011, UNESCO has organized the Central Asia Symposium on ICT in Education (CASIE) as a sub-regional platform for facilitating high-level discussions on the use of ICT in education to address challenges and opportunities in Central Asia. It has allowed Member States and education stakeholders to collectively deliberate on how to integrate technologies into their national education systems to achieve the ambitious goals of the Education 2030 Agenda.

Since its launch, the Symposium has covered themes such as ICT for learning and education management, ICT practices for lifelong learning, empowering teachers and teacher innovation, skills development and TVET, as well as data collection and EMIS.

The event is organized in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Korean Education and Research Information Service (KERIS).


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