Central Asian YouthMobile Survey

26 August 2015

UNESCO Almaty present UNESCO YouthMoblile Initiative in Central Asia survey created by International Information Technology University (IITU). The goal of the survey is present an existing initiatives for the training of young women and men in mobile apps development and collecting samples of training materials.

Research developed by young women and men as part of the IITU University team, assisted by academic professionals in Information and Communication Technologies.

71 page report includes a review of activities in Central Asia, such as the days Hackathon, specific courses and training conducted, as well as descriptions of the local mobile applications and repositories.

The separate section is devoted to the creation of applications for and by persons with special needs.

Research as well present results of YouthMobile online questionnaire and documents provided by UNESCO Almaty and its partner network.

The YouthMobile initiative empowers youth to resolve identified local issues of sustainable development to reduce chronic youth unemployment through the sale of smart mobile applications and formation of small businesses.

The initiative is based on the international experience of many projects that introduce young people to software development, problem solving (programming development). It also aims to show young people that this computing power can be used to directly meet their personal problems or problems faced by their communities. Eventually, a group of young people can create a business or demonstrate the application of ICT skills for employment at the local, national or international markets.

Collation: 71 page
Publ Year: 2015
Original Language: English
Other Lang. versions: no
Non latin titles: исследование для инициативы ЮНЕСКО YouthMoblile в Центральной Азии
Author: International Information Technology University (IITU)
Survey team: Damir Shynybekov, Dr.Ravil Mukhamadiev, Lyudmila Kozina, Nazgul Rakhimzhanova, Alibek Jakupov
Editor: Ravil Mukhamadiev, Sergey Karpov
Printed: Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2015, in PDF only.
Publication accessible by link below: PDF, 4Mb

Tags: Inclusive Knowledge Societies, Open Solutions
Building Knowledge Societies; YouthMobile

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