Critical and strategic thinking for sustainable development

2 April 2019

On March 26, 2019, UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office conducted a training workshop for teachers and alumni of Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training University in the framework of their Interactive meetings on Current Education Trends.

In this workshop, participants were introduced to concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The main objective was to familiarize participants with the key competencies that are important for the achievement of all SDGs, as well as educational approaches and tools for the implementation of these competencies. Key competencies include strategic and critical thinking, communication and cooperation, and other skills necessary for sustainable development.

Meirgul Alpysbayeva, National Education Officer at UNESCO Cluster office in Almaty, started the workshop with introducing key terms and concepts and highlighted the role of key competencies for sustainable transformation of societies. Saule Zeinolla, ESD Consultant of UNESCO Almaty conducted practical sessions on teaching methods of mainstreaming these competencies. As a result, participants of the workshop could come to specific projects that would help their learners develop key competencies through reverse brainstorming and other interactive approaches in ESD.
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