Education about the Holocaust and Preventing Genocide: a Policy Guide

27 April 2017

UNESCO has recently published a policy guide Education about the Holocaust and Preventing Genocide.

The booklet addresses a variety of essential questions, including the importance of teaching about Holocaust in order to inform young generation and foster an active civil position for establishing peaceful and tolerant society. The brochure also demonstrates the relations of Holocaust education with global education priorities. In addition, the publication suggests the ways of introducing the subject in the curriculum, training teachers, promoting the most relevant pedagogies, and working with the non-formal sector of education.

Based on UNESCOs program on Global Citizenship Education, the guide brings attention to the extensive range of research in the fields of Holocaust and genocide education. Numerous academics, educators, organizations and other experts, working on the issues of genocide, were involved in the process of creation of the brochures content.

Original language: English
Author: UNESCO
Collation: 72
Publication year: 2017
ISBN: 978-92-3-100221-2
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