Educational videos by UNESCO IITE

20 April 2017

UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) and NauchPok YouTube channel have produced a series of educational videos that tell about complex things in a vivid and interesting manner.

These videos represent scientific facts and data in an exciting way to inspire viewers to lead a healthy lifestyle. They lack of edifying, direct and insistent advice, and prohibitions that adolescents usually reject. These videos use a simple language, which makes them very popular among young people. A clear evidence for that is the large number of views (from 200,000 to 1 million or more).

The curious case of Vanya Pugovkin video in Russian

Why are we doing things that in reality we don't want to do? video in Russian

How to deal with trolls? video in Russian

Is it possible to find our second half ? video in Russian

When should we have our first time? video in Russian

How to choose contraceptives? video in Russian
education transforms lives; aids

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