Expanding gender equality in the field of culture

25 May 2017

Public Foundation "Development of Civil Society" within the framework of the UNESCO Participation Program have organized a Round Table on the theme: "Expanding gender equality in the field of culture". The Round Table was held on 11-12 May, 2017 in Almaty.

20 participants attended the Round Table, including representatives of academic circles of Kazakhstani universities (KazGU, Kazakh-American University, Almaty Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov, KazNMU after S. Asfendiyarov), State Art Museum named after Kasteev , school- gymnasium No. 5 for children with hearing impairment in Almaty, the school-gambling school No. 44 in Almaty, school and college affiliated under the Kazakh National Academy of Art, representatives of non-governmental organizations (PF "Mother's House, Institute of the Family of Kazakhstan and Central Asia"), member of the Commission for Women's Affairs and Family Demographic Policy under the akim of Almaty, representatives of the UNESCO Office in Almaty and representative of the UNESCO National Commission in Almaty.

During the Round Table, the participants have presented their research / presentations within the agenda:

1. Expanding gender equality in culture.
2. Vocational training of women and the scientific field of activity
3. Gender stereotypes in the culture of Kazakhstan

As a result of the Round Table "Expanding Gender Equality in Culture", the following recommendations were developed.

Promotion of culture

1. Strengthen awareness-raising work on gender education among the population, publish articles on gender in the media, research and materials of international conferences
2. Conducting lectures on gender issues among the enterprises, institutions and organizations
3.To promote the expansion of the literature on gender issues in the libraries of Kazakhstan
4. To promote the development of a state program, which includes visits to museums, the study of imaginative literature and world artistic culture
5. Conducting career-oriented work with regard to gender equality among schools' graduates
6. Promote gender equality through cultural and educational activities (exhibitions, performances)
7. Disseminate an information about government programs which directed to support students in rural areas
8. The establishment of cooperation between universities and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection on the use of flexible forms of graduates future employees, who intend to have a family
9. Creation of effectively accessible programs for children and adolescents on gender studies
10. To assist to create equal conditions for students - migrants, socially vulnerable groups of population and students with disabilities

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