Expo 2017 International Exhibition in Astana

12 September 2017

On 10 June 2017 the EXPO-2017 International Recognized Exhibition was launched in Astana, Kazakhstan. UNESCO, along with other international organizations and UN Agencies, is represented in the EXPO-2017 within joint International Organizations Plaza.

The theme of EXPO-2017 is Future Energy. Nowadays, the world is facing energy shortage with a threat of environmental crisis, which poses a serious challenge of conserving traditional energies and finding alternative ones. The EXPO will serve as a platform to exchange experiences all over the world in the field of alternative energy, a sector that is growing rapidly these years.

In this regard, UNESCO helps building capacities, stimulates the sharing of scientific knowledge and best practices, promotes the development of energy policies, supports pilot initiatives and provides technical assistance to the Member States.

As part of its Climate Change activities, the Organization has been stimulating the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency technologies and practices as a major tool to help respond to the challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

At national level, extensive training activities driven by UNESCO are targeting different levels of concerned audiences, including engineers, researchers, technicians, entrepreneurs, project managers, and decision-makers.

At the EXPO-2017, UNESCO will present its main projects in the field of renewable energy. On 13 June 2017 the participating UN Agencies, including UNESCO, will organize UN Day in the framework of EXPO-2017 in Astana. This session will highlight key opportunities and challenges in advancing energy and development goals. The dialogue will shed light on the interlinkages between SDG7 goal and targets and the other SDGs. During this event, UNESCO will present the fundamental role of education and science in the development of alternative energy sources and in advancing SDG7. In addition, in September UNESCO is planning to organize a few side events, including on "Women provide key solutions to energy challenges". The event will be organized in cooperation with UN Women and number of partners.

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