Intercultural dialogue in 5 steps: actor and showman Ali Iskakov

8 February 2019

Project "Intercultural dialogue in 5 steps" presents new hero: Ali Iskakov is a creative, cheerful young man, he is an actor and showman. But he often faces racial bias, cultural stereotypes and social rejection. He knows for a fact how it is to differ from others.

This interactive video project uncovers the multicultural uniqueness of the Central Asian region through a series of short films about the life of ordinary people in five main steps: Friendship, Family, Work, Children and Sport.
The main emphasis of the project is a series of interactive tips for promoting intercultural dialogue and strengthening peace in society. Tips that will appear within each video will help many viewers to join the global campaign for the rapprochement of cultures, to realize the value of their participation without any difficulties.
intercultural dialogue

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