Making Textbook Content Inclusive: a Focus on Religion, Gender and Culture

10 May 2017

Making Textbook content inclusive promotes the concept of human diversity and explains how to undertake the challenges of three important components of our society to textbook authors, educators, publishers, and political stakeholders.

The themes such as religion, gender and culture can be considered as potentially controversial, particularly in regards to inclusive education. Addressing these issues may help to improve the learning environment of a school as well as its educational practices. This guide is aimed at putting an end to harmful stereotypes.

The above-mentioned publication offers multiple opportunities to recognize diversity without neglecting the specific nature of each of the three topics. The publication may be useful for textbook writing of all subjects and learners age groups, with respect to educational systems characteristics in any country.

The guide has been developed by a team of experts on inclusive education. It has been reviewed by participants of the two workshops organized by the former Division of Education for Sustainable Development at UNESCO Headquarters, one in Rabat (Morocco, 2013) and another in Vienna (Austria, 2015).

Original language: English
Other available languages: French
Author: UNESCO
Collation: 26
Publication year: 2017
ISBN: 978-92-3-100203-8
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