Monitoring Education Participation: Framework for Monitoring Children and Adolescents who are Out of School or at Risk of Dropping Out

15 May 2017

The Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children (OOSC) launched by UNICEF in cooperation with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics in 2010 urges states to tackle the issue of school drop-out.

This project aims to support countries in identifying OOSC and children who are at risk of dropping out. It analyzes the characteristics of these groups of children and the factors that lead to their expulsion, and explains how policy reforms would help to resolve the above-mentioned issues, examined from different perspectives.

According to the document, the lack of key data and absence of situation analysis, coupled by inefficient policies underlie the problems of OOSC. Thus, the brochure addresses all these issues and provides a closer overview of existing data and monitoring framework policies. The document says that without an effective national monitoring system, it is difficult to obtain an accurate information on out-of-school children and children at risk of dropping out. Additionally, it mentions that an effective monitoring system will help to reduce the use of unreliable evidence.

Publication language: English
Authors: UIS, UNICEF
Collation: 124
Publication year: 2016
ISBN: 978-92-806-4860-7
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