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1 March 2019

The theme of the MOST School is Youth Return Migration: Problems and Research-Informed Solutions. The MOST School in Dushanbe will be the first national MOST school carried out in Central Asia. MOST School will take place between 28 and 29 of March 2019, at the premises of the UN Information Resource Centre at the Russian Tajik Slavonic University, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

The MOST School will provide a space for collective learning among key development stakeholders in the country. It will focus in the identification of the capacity gaps that might exist at the national level in relation to the youth return migration problems and challenges, and it will address possible alternatives for the solution of those gaps. The school, conceived as a knowledge brokering exercise, will bring together academics, public officials and representatives from civil society, and it aims to providing a foundation for a steady multi-stakeholder dialogue on the return youth migration in the context of SDGs in Dushanbe.

UNESCO, through its MOST Programme, will coordinate the process of follow-up of the school with other UN entities, national stakeholders, and international donors. One key objective is to stimulate further capacity building activities, which drawing on the results of the school but not necessarily related to MOST, may contribute to strengthening national capabilities in connection with the 2030 development agenda.

Discussions will be structured around two main questions:
- What do policymakers want from researchers?, and;
- What do researchers think they should provide to policymakers?

The format of the MOST School encompasses a mixture of formal presentations and open discussions during 2 days.

The profile of around 40-50 participants includes:
- Government officials (Key Ministries/ Municipalities)
- Universities, Research centers, Students
- NGO, CSO/activists
- UNESCO/ UN agencies

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