SDG 4 Data at your fingertips with new tools from the UIS

15 August 2018

Quick guide and tools help countries, donors, technical partners and civil society groups make the most of SDG 4 data.

Where can you find the latest data to monitor Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4)? How are the indicators produced and how can they be interpreted and used? Go straight to the source with a series of new products developed by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS).

As the custodian UN agency for SDG 4 data, the UIS not only has the mandate to produce the global monitoring indicators but also to help stakeholders from countries and donors to civil society groups and technical partners - use the findings to get all children in school and learning by 2030.

Recognizing that different users have different needs, the UIS released a series of new products described below at a launch event with NORRAG (link is external) on 11 July in Geneva.

The Quick Guide to Education Indicators for SDG 4 describes the process of developing and producing global monitoring indicators, while explaining how they can be interpreted and used. This is a hands-on, step-by-step guide for anyone who is gathering or analyzing education data.

The SDG 4 Data Book: Global Education Indicators 2018 ensures that readers have the latest available data for the global monitoring indicators at their fingertips. This booklet will be regularly updated.

The SDG 4 Data Explorer displays data by country, region or year; by data source; and by sex, location and wealth. It allows users to explore the measures of equality that are crucial for the achievement of SDG 4.

The SDG 4 Cheat Sheet is a quick reference for the definitions and data sources of the 11 global indicators.

These products aim to promote a better understanding of the production and use of SDG 4 data among stakeholders. Together, they show stakeholders: who produces the data, how the indicators are developed, where to find the data, and most importantly how to use the information.

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