Teachers in Kyrgyzstan implement education for sustainable development online

11 December 2020

14 pilot schools in Kyrgyzstan piloted five modules aimed at education for sustainable development during the first quarter of this school year.

The main purpose of the piloting of the modules is to introduce sustainable development topics into the learning process and to build cross-sectoral competencies ("soft skills") of students in grades 5-6.

The modules were developed in the following thematic areas as "Health and Healthy Lifestyle", "Demography and Migration Processes", "Media Literacy", "Culture and Global Citizenship" and "Ecology and Resource Conservation". These modules were integrated into class hours and lessons on subjects: Russian, English, history, mathematics, geography, etc.

Piloting showed that all module topics aroused lively interest of both teachers and students, as evidenced by the feedback:

Feedback from teachers:
"There was a lot of appreciative feedback from students and their parents. And the school administration is asking that we teach all the teachers, what they taught us."

"...this project was useful. And my participation will help the school to implement my experience and knowledge. I liked everything and everything was useful."

"...all of the topics on the platform are relevant and necessary for our country to educate the younger generation..."

Feedback from parents:
"...The kids loved working through framerspace, jamboard, showing reactions. I have attended every lesson and I can see."

"...Children have become polite (they call 'apake' - mommy), acknowledging their feelings for loved ones."

Feedback from children:
"...I liked these lessons very much, especially interesting tasks. I learned a lot of new things.Ф

"...I really liked expressing my opinion. I wish there were more lessons like this."

"...I enjoyed attending the lessons. Now I know how to distinguish truth from lies. And how to protect myself online."

"...we read the text and learned about media literacy, social networking and media..."

"...children got a lot of positive emotions with health benefits...".

The online modules were developed and tested as part of the project "Development of an online curriculum to mainstream intersectoral competencies for sustainable development in Kyrgyzstan", implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic with the support of UNESCO Almaty and funding from the Government of Estonia. The project has been implemented since the beginning of 2019.
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