The new IPDC project submission cycle is now open

27 April 2017

Call for proposals from UNESCO Almaty Office for media NGOs new project submission cycle on media development. The deadline is effective till 30 June 2017. Summaries only require basic information about the objectives, submitter and budget of the project.

After submitting your project summaries, you will receive feedback from the IPDC Secretariat. You will either be invited to pursue the full application process or the submitter will be provided with comments for reformulation or withdrawal.

Once the summaries are validated, the deadline for the submission of complete application forms will be 30 September 2017.

    Please find below a reminder of current IPDC priorities:
  • Supporting media pluralism (particularly community media) and independence (improving self-regulation and professional standards);
  • Promoting the safety of journalists;
  • Countering hate speech in media and social media, promoting conflict-sensitive journalism practice and/or promoting cross-cultural/cross-religious dialogue among journalists;
  • Supporting law reform that fosters media independence;
  • Conducting media assessments and research based on UNESCO’s Media Development Indicators (MDIs), Gender Sensitive Indicators for the Media (GSIM), Journalists’ Safety Indicators (JSI) or Media Viability Indicators (VMI);
  • Capacity building for journalists and media managers, including improving journalism education (using UNESCO´s Model Curricula for Journalism Education).
Gender transformative projects are most welcome (gender transformative projects are those that address the cause of inequality).

The contact person: s.karpov(at)

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