UNDP and UNESCO launched Online Community Accelerator in Kyrgyzstan

7 June 2022

UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty and UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic launched a pilot Online Community Accelerator project in Kyrgyzstan.

The goal of the project is to introduce people-centered approaches to identify community problems, as well as to jointly develop solutions with community members and explore innovative tools that strengthen social cohesion.

Participating civil society organizations (CSOs) were competitively selected and represent different areas of expertise. In particular, the list of participating CSO's include the Institute of Public Analysis, Shoola Kol; the Center for Civil Development, Tekayim, and TB People in the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the Association of Community Media.

Within two months, project participants will be trained remotely to introduce elements of media and information literacy and critical thinking into their information campaigns, master the skills of management, fundraising, and monetization of information campaigns, as well as the basic principles of social cohesion of communities.

Aizada Kalkanbekova, the Association of Community Media in the Kyrgyz Republic and Almaz Ismanov, Prevention Media were invited as trainers. In addition, experts from government organizations, the business sector and international funds were invited as guest events.

Agenda  RU_Agenda_OCA_Launch_03062022.pdf 

Communication and Information Programme Contribution

Key Outputs / Elements

Information Literacy

  • Define and articulate information needs
  • Locate and access information
  • Assess information
  • Organize information
  • Make ethical use of information
  • Communicate information
  • Use ICT skills for information processing

Media Literacy

  • Understand the role and functions of media, and Internet communications companies in democratic societies
  • Understand the conditions under which media can fulfiel their functions
  • Critically evaluate media content in the light of media functions
  • Engage with media for self-expression and democratic participationReview skills (including ICTs) needed to produce user-generated content

Digital Literacy

  • Use of digital tools
  • Understand digital identityRecognize digital rights
  • Assess AI issuesImprove how to communicate digitally
  • Manage digital health
  • Practice digital security and safety


There is an obvious relationships between the converging fields of media literacy, information literacy, and digital literacy. Globally, many organizations use the term "media education," which covers both media literacy and information literacy. UNESCO use of the term "media and information literacy" seeks to harmonize different notions and approaches in the light of converging delivery platforms.

The Five Laws of MIL are intended as guides, together with other UNESCO resources, for all stakeholders involved in the application of MIL in all forms of development.

Online community accelerator

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