UNESCO Almaty supports capacity-building for UNESCO clubs in Kazakhstan

6 October 2022

The role of UNESCO Clubs in the context of promoting the goals of the Organization in Kazakhstan was discussed at the UN building in Almaty on 30 September 2022, during the Annual Educational Workshop of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs.

During the meeting the representatives of UNESCO Almaty presented the main programmes of the Office and its ongoing projects in the field of culture and shared the experience of introduction of cultural heritage preservation issues into the school disciplines. The presentation on promotion and preservation of cultural heritage in school classes was made by Ms. Natalia Milovanova, a teacher of the highest category at "Dostar" UNESCO Associated School in Almaty, who had previously participated in UNESCO Almaty activities.

Associations and Clubs for UNESCO are groups of volunteers of different ages and socio-professional status who become activists in the service of UNESCOs ideals. Established under the aegis of the National Commissions for UNESCO, these entities are grouped into national, regional and international networks, for the purpose of acting in UNESCOs fields of competence at the grass root level. The activities carried out by the Associations and Clubs are varied and depend, very often, on the interests of their members and also on the financial resources and means of action available. Irrespective of their nature and scope, these initiatives foster the dissemination of UNESCOs principles and objectives in civil society. These entities therefore make it possible to publicize the values represented by the Organization in local communities. In the light of civil society's growing role in public policy-making, the Clubs movement can play a key part in educating citizens, and can contribute to dialogue between cultures and generations for sustainable development. More information available via the following link: https://ru.unesco.org/node/5999.

As of September 2022, the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs consists of 175 clubs (a detailed list is available via the following link: https://unescoclubs.kz/kluby/).

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