UNESCO International Conference on Migration, 12-13 May 2005

12 May 2005

NESCO Almaty Cluster Office, together with the Committee on Migration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is organize the UNESCOs International Conference on Migration in Central Asia, Almaty, May 12-13 2005.


Under MOST programme (see www.unesco.org), UNESCO is focusing its efforts on the multicultural and inter-ethnical aspect of migration, as one of the priorities for this biennium
The massive flow of migration in Central Asia greatly affects the economic, political and social aspects of the region. Labour migration through both legal and illegal channels is commonly practiced, and the remittances sent by migrants from abroad to their families are of significant importance to their families and also governments in Central Asia. Migration is also often associated with drug and human trafficking in the region. Given the multi-ethnic nature of the region, migration also greatly impacts the ethnic composition in the region. There is an urgent need to better understand the interrelationship between international migration and socio and economic development in the region, which will also help better identify the issues related to ratification of the international convention on the rights of migrants and their families.
The objective of the conference will be to raise awareness about the international convention on the rights of migrants by reviewing legal and administrative requirements to ratify it, and promote its ratification by governments in Central Asia.

Draft Agenda

Thursday 12, May 2005
09.00-09.30 - Registration of participants
09.30-10.30 - Opening session
11.00-13.00 - PLENARY SESSION I - Mapping International Migration in Central Asia: Trendds and Future Directions
(Chair UNESCO)
14.30-16.45 PLENARY SESSION II - Review of National Statistics on Migration in Central Asian States.
(Chair OSCE)
16.45-18.00 - PLENARY SESSION III - Strenghthening Policy-Making Capacities through Research and Analysis
(Chair ILO)
17.30-17.50 - Open discussion.

Friday 13 May, 2005
09.00-11.00 - PLENARY SESSION IV - Migration and Development. Presentations. General discussion.
(Chair UNDP)
11.30-13.00 - PLENARY SESSION V - Labour Migration, Migrant's Rights, Remittances and the Role of Diaspora Communities in Central Asia.
(Moderator ILO)
14.00-16.00 - PLENARY SESSION VI - Mainstreaming Migration Policies into the Human Rights and Development Agendas.
(Chair IOM)
16.45-18.00 - PLENARY VII - The Way Forward: Opportunities for Developing a Regional Framework Migration Management of Research in Central Asia.
(Chair UNESCO)
17.30-18.00 - Concluding Session.

Conference Registration form
Administrative Note

List of intended participants
1. Mr. Diusen Kaseinov, Secretary General, NatCom UNESCO, Republic of Kazakhstan
2. Mr. Jazbek Abdiev, Head of Migration Committee, Republic of Kazakhstan
3. Mrs. Genevieve Domenach-Chich, Head of Social and Human Sciences Section, UNESCO, Beijing 4. Mr. Yerbolat Mussabek, Leading Expert of the State Statistics Committee, Republic of Kazakhstan.
5. Mr. Ozat Ata-Mirzaev, Expert of Ijtimoy Fikr-Public Opinion Social Research Centre.
6. Mr. Anvar Babaev, Chief of the State Migration Service under the Ministry of Labour, Republic of Tajikistan.
7. Ms. Bakhtiya Mukhamadiyeva, First Deputy Head of the State Committee of Statistics, Republic of Tajikistan.
8. Mr. Bolat Sarygulov, Head of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kyrgyz Republic.
9. Ms. Ludmila Torgasheva, Head of Demography Department, State Statistics Committee, Kyrgyz Republic.
10. Mr. Marat Khadjimukhamedov, Researcher, Republic of Uzbekistan
11. Ms. Natalya Hajimuratova, Researcher, Kyrgyz Republic.
12. Ms. Saodat Olimova, Researcher, Republic of Tajikistan
13. Ms. Laura Yerekesheva, Researcher, Republic of Kazakhstan
14. Ms. Elena Sadovskaya, Researcher, Republic of Kazakhstan
15. Mr. Bulat Tatibekov, Researcher, Republic of Kazakhstan
16. Ms. Elena Tiurukanova, Researcher, Russia 17. Ms. Yuriko Shoji,UN Resident Coordinator UNDP-UNFPA Resident Representative,Kazakhstan
18. Mr. Gordon Johnson, deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Kazakhstan
19. Mr. Marc-Antoine Desy, UNDP Tajikistan
20. Mr. Ivar Vikki, Ambassador, Head of OSCE Centre, Almaty, Kazakhstan
21. Mr. Bjorn Halvarsson, Human and Political Dimension Officer, OSCE, Almaty, Kazakhstan 22. Ms. Saltanat Sakembaeva, OSCE Centre, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
23. Ms. Geraldine Salducci, UNHCR, Geneva
24. Mr. Narasimha Rao, UNHCR, Almaty
25. Mr. Patrick Taran, ILO, Geneva
26. Mr. Talgat Umirzhanov, ILO, Almaty
27. Mr. Nilim Baruah, IOM, Geneva
28. Mr. Klaus Folden, IOM, Vienna
29. Mr. Michael Tschanz, IOM, Almaty
30. Ms. Alexandra Formanek, IOM, Almaty
31. Mr. Naderi Makhmoud, IOM, Dushanbe
32. Ms. Dinara Mirzakarimova, USAID, Tashkent
33. Mr. Ulrich Rainer, EC, Almaty
34. Ms. Itziar Gomez Carrasco, EC, Almaty
35. Ms. Almut Brunckhorst, EC, Almaty
36. Mr. Talaibek Usubaliev, BOMCA/CADAP, Bishkek
37. Mr. Alain Scolan, BOMCA/CADAP, Bishkek
38. Mr. Antonio Stango, Freedom House, Almaty
39. Ms. Tolkyn Muissova, Freedom House, Almaty
40. Ms. Viktoria Tiuleneva, International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law, Kazakhstan

International Agencies, such as IOM, UNHCR, the European Commission, OSCE and ILO, will cooperate by providing international experts to the Conference.

The Conference will be held at the Hotel Kazakhstan, 52 Dostyk Ave., 480100 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel: 7 (3272) 919101 Fax: 7 (3272) 507811
Website: www.ceebd.co.uk/hotelkazakhstan
Presentations will be disseminated during the Conference.

The case studies from the four cluster republics will be discussed during the Conference and published by UNESCO in the following months.

The language of the Conference will be English-Russian.
Invitations have been sent out. Confirmations are due by 1 March 2005 and papers by 15 March 2005.

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