UNESCO Tashkent: Lifelong learning in Uzbekistan

27 January 2017

UNESCO Office in Tashkent in cooperation with Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of Republic of Uzbekistan and the DVV International Office have conducted a seminar-workshop Towards Greater Lifelong Learning Opportunities for All on 15-16 December 2016 in Poytakht business centre in Tashkent.

The seminar-workshop contributed to the development of a national strategy for Lifelong Learning in Uzbekistan. The participants of the aforementioned seminar were the local experts, Ministry policy-makers of Uzbekistan and civil society partners. The members of the seminar discussed the development of adult learning strategy, as well as the accessibility and the quality of the lifelong learning opportunities in Uzbekistan.

UNESCO Office in Tashkent concurs on formulation of the education strategy for lifelong learning for the development of sustainable and inclusive society, supporting the programme of Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, the seminar serves to increase the public awareness about the concept and to facilitate knowledge-sharing for rearing the lifelong learning. The active collaboration and civil society has helped to define the key notions and identify several recommendations for state-level implementation of lifelong learning strategy.
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