World Youth Skills Day 2020 in Central Asia

31 July 2020

198 young women and men from Central Asia were equipped with the necessary skills to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

About 800 young women and men from 9 countries, including 4 countries of Central Asia, have registered for the #UpgradeYourself course on overcoming the negative consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

The UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty united young trainers from different professional fields and transformed their experience and knowledge into a week-long training course on the project planning, financial literacy, personal branding, promoting business and projects through SMM, combating fake news, design thinking and the art of TEDx public talks.

198 active young people, who were at the finish line of the course, were able to improve their skills and knowledge, and become more confident in this difficult time for all of us. The project also helped to increase the engagement of young people in the Central Asian Youth Network (CAYNET), which is going to be safe online space for young people from Central Asia. Using the training resources of the CAYNET platform, young people will be able to improve their knowledge and skills in various professional fields, try themselves as trainers, learn to develop projects and keep abreast of all youth programs and projects of UNESCO and other UN agencies.

The launch of the platform is scheduled for late August 2020.

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